Water bomber attacks fire. Photo taken from helicopter above. feb. 14, 1990 Hamilton Historical collection Hagersville tire fire Tyre King
A water bomber attacks the fire a few days after the blaze began.  Feb. 14, 1990. Hamilton Spectator archives.

The Hagersville tire fire burned for 17 days from the early morning hours of Feb. 12, 1990, making headlines around the world. Bringing it under control took huge effort, including the use of two waterbombers normally used to fight forest fires.  The fire covered an area the size of 18 football fields.

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The snow covered fields near Hagersville look tranquil today

Firefighters are using 350 bottles of air daily. Hagersville tire fire Tyre King Hamilton Historical collection Feb. 26, 1990
Firefighters used 350 bottles of air a day. Spec Archives.
Ontario's top forest fire fighters have turned their attention to Hagersville's massive tire blaze. Hagersville tire fire Tyre King Hamilton Historical collection Paul Hourigan, The Hamilton Spectator Feb. 21, 1990
Ontario’s top forest fire fighters helped bring the fire under control. Paul Hourigan, Hamilton Spectator.



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