Good Friday Hikes

For generations of Hamiltonians, it’s been a tradition on Good Friday to hike through the deep, rocky gorge that leads to Albion Falls.  Picnics and wiener roasts follow, as was the case with this group of children. From left: Duane Sullivan, Steve Woods, Derek Sullivan, Adam Woods and Jeff Moote. (Hamilton Historial Collection, Ron Pozzer, 1987).

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Do you have memories of an Albion Falls hike?  Tell us about it.

6 thoughts on “Flashback: Good Friday Hike

  1. I can remember many good Friday’s @ Albion Falls.
    We would wake up to the aroma of freshly baked hot cross buns.
    Mother would pack us a lunch and we would go along the brow of the mountain and then down along the train tracks for a while . The pretty wild flowers would dot the escarpment .
    Most times the ground was muddy and we often slipped and fell
    but that was all apart of the adventure. It was fun.
    When we arrived at the falls we’d find a nice place to sit and enjoy the
    newly baked buns. They were SO good.
    We were pretty tired walking home but for the 8 or 10 of us it was a Goof Friday.

  2. Every year we look forward to the hike. I have young children who get excited every year. My uncle used to go with his parents and he started this tradition when I was very young. We have 3 generations of our family who attend this annual event and I look forward to carrying on the tradition for many years to come. It is such a beautiful area and each year we wait to see which of the kids or adults will get soaked in the creek. Roasting food on the fire and enjoying the company of family and friends is what this is all about.

  3. I live in NB now, but grew up in the 50s and 60s in one of the first “subdivisions” near the falls (bordered by Broker, Kenilworth, Ottawa, and Mohawk). From the subdivision to the falls was all open fields and the odd broken down barn. Does this picture ever bring back memories –so many hikes. We would have to travel across “the Brow” road -then just tar and gravel, then past the old drive-in theatre grounds, over the train bridge, then down the Indian trail, past another smaller falls (the name escapes me), and finally to Albion. We never had the forethought to bring anything to cook -just PB&J sandwiches and a pop. I don’t think we could drink the water even then. The critters, the dangers, the cliffs, the “soakers” if we fell in the water. All led for a very adventurous hike. Thanks for the memories.

    1. The smaller falls I believe you wrote about is called Buttermilk falls. Used to walk the same route in the 60 and 70.

  4. From the mid-fifties to the early sixties, a Good Friday hike to Albion was the routine. We lived just west of Gage Park at the foot of the brow which meant that we started out on the railway tracks going up the escarpment. We would pass the old open reservoir, while avoiding freight trains and then we would rest up at the red clay hills on Kimberley Ave. From there we would head over to the the old water tower on Greenhill. By the time we got to the Falls, it was lunch time. We always brought cans of beans, potatoes in tin foil,which went right in the fire and of course, the old staple .. weiners!! Most Good Fridays back then were mild with spring breezes in my memory (but then at our ages, weather was never a concern). The old gang has split up over the years … gone into oblivion as a group! However, every Good Friday, the memories come flooding back.

  5. The memories of the 1950s come back- hikes to Albion falls-cooking over the gas bubbles fire at Buttermilk falls (just north of Albion falls) – old George the one arm Parksboard Cop and his Vauxall car- the kids set a grass fire and burned his car,get even ya know.The archery club,looking for arrows,the store at the end of Pritchard (run by Harley F
    air family)-Albion snack bar & Club Albion- swimming in the pond-took a boy who fell over the falls to hospital in Orange
    Crush truck-Stuby Orange pop-Kist Beverages- great times. Lived in Albion Village at top of Glendale golf coarse Rd.&Mud St.

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