You go to the Art Crawls. You can rhyme off the words to Oskee Wee Wee. Maybe you know that the city was named after a guy named George.

But do you really know Hamilton?

Do you have the right stuff to call yourself Hamiltonian or do you merely bluster with blinders about matters of civic confabulation?

Call it a local citizenship test, a backyard brainbuster, or a trivial salute to Hamilton. But now is the time show that you’ve been paying attention when it comes to matters of civic awareness.
The Spectator’s Mark McNeil and Graeme MacKay bring you The Namesakes Challenge, a chance to strut your municipal mastery and vast knowledge about all things Hamilton.

When it comes to names in Hamilton, there is sometimes a tendency to exaggerate just a little.

Spectator reporter and songwriter Mark McNeil put together this song to illustrate the point. The video is part of the Cable 14 production Flashbacks about local history that features McNeil and Hamilton Public Library archivist Margaret Houghton as co-hosts. The half-hour program will be aired numerous times through late December and early January on Cable 14 and is also available to cable subscribers and Rogers customers online at